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Candidate Experience Strategy
Dhimant Desai Apr 10, 2020
A lot of companies use the oft used phrases -“Our people are our greatest asset”, “We are what our people make us”, “Our people make us what we are” and similar.
I believe the one which holds a .
Not Sure What To Do After Losing An Employee?
Abhijeet Narvekar May 31, 2019


It is difficult enough to find and actually hire the right employee, but then comes figuring out how to transitio.

Want To Get Noticed By Recruiters? Honing These 10 Skills Can Help
Abhijeet Narvekar May 13, 2019

Looking for a job can feel daunting at times, even for experienced workers. There are countless other talented professionals in every industry vying for coveted positions, making it difficult for aspi.

Top 11 Emotional Intelligence Skills For Improved Business Performance
marketing Mar 25, 2019

Leaders need to inspire and encourage others to follow them. Being able to influence others into moving in the same direction is a key skill an executive needs. To do this, one needs to be able to und.

Are Your Diversity Initiatives Truly Making A Difference?
marketing Mar 21, 2019

Abhijeet Narvekar, CEO, The Fervid Group is of the opinion that data driven KPI's should be used to measure efforts. " If D&I is done right, the team dynamics will naturally be very strong. Ideas will.

Your Hiring Process is Broken
Dhimant Desai Jun 26, 2018
Effective and successful hiring / recruiting involves four (4) key aspects that one needs to focus on. It starts from attracting the right candidates, ensuring the recruiting process is streamlined t.
Career Progression-Geoscientist to Business Development
Greg Foley Jun 12, 2018

As recruiters, The FerVID Group focuses on finding outstanding talent for the roles that our clients bring to us. We often have candidates approach us for help finding the right role and, whilst it is.

Hope and New Beginnings
Abhijeet Narvekar Mar 9, 2018

 We gave quite a few talks last year to companies and individuals around Conquering Fear and Stepping Up. Through that we realized that lots of people were getting the motivation they needed to deal w.

Tough choices - Oil or Cupcakes
Abhijeet Narvekar Mar 9, 2018

Driving home from work, I picked up my son from school, then 6.5, now 7-y. We always ask each other about our day. He summed up his day with a detailed(!!)…."Good". And then he told me it was my tur.

How to differentiate yourself by going beyond the Resume!
Abhijeet Narvekar Dec 9, 2010

Video Resumes, You Tube Introductions, have been tried but not all have been successful or impressive. For most of us – we need help in this area. Using Video can be great to differentiate yourself, i.