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Hope and New Beginnings
Abhijeet Narvekar Mar 9, 2018


 We gave quite a few talks last year to companies and individuals around Conquering Fear and Stepping Up. Through that we realized that lots of people were getting the motivation they needed to deal with what they were going through. So, we decided that in 2018, we will share some stories and knowledge which might help us get through the difficulties we face.


The first Topic is for everyone who might be looking for an opportunity actively.

I received an email on the 3rd of January from a Friend of mine with the subject line – Positive Update. He had received a job after 10 months of hunting for one. Obviously, we were all thrilled for him and his family and he thanked all who had helped him go through this phase by helping in various ways. And the most important thing he said in his email was knowing that there were so many people who cared for him and family and wanted him to succeed.

We personally also introduced him to some Companies and Individuals. Whenever we found something even close to what he did, we would send it to him. But not many responded back to him or some just ignored. We are not trying to blame any one of those people, as they themselves are going through a lot.

In the midst of all of this – Houston had Hurricane Harvey. The same person mentioned above – his house was OK, but his sister's house was flooded and he had to host them for a while till they got back on their feet.

In all of this- this person never complained. I would see him, keep himself busy. Either doing a lot of House Chores, or working on the Yard to keep it perfect, or helping people affected with Harvey and so on.

As they say – an Idle mind is a very dangerous one. He kept chugging along. And then, success for him was through one of his ex-colleague connection who introduced him to a company and the rest is history.

So – what do we learn from this story –

  • Keep your Hopes alive. Without Hope and Imagination, our mind will wander in directions we do not want it to.
  • There are worse things that could happen, than what you are going through. Whatever the situation, keep your chin up and keep trying and networking.
  • I want to say that the Market is improving but then – I do have a lot of other friends, colleagues etc. who still are looking for a job. And I hope we all can help each other, get through this.
  • Never doubt yourself, or, your capabilities. Your self-worth is very HIGH. People who know you, know this. Just because someone did not respond to you, does not mean you are not worth it. (We had to work on this personally during our beginning of business – if you listen to our story – you will know)
  • World is full of Unknown things. Do not obsess on what you don’t know. That is a bit out of your control. But if you focus on what you do know and find ways to use that to clarify the unknown, you will progress faster.
  • Have a Person who you can talk to about this. Not someone who will add to the negativity but someone who will lift you up and give you ideas. If you cannot find one – then pay for a coach and they will listen and do this for you. Invest in yourselves.

Hope this story inspires you a bit as you are thinking about your Resolutions for the year and planning ahead.

As far as my own Resolution – I want to make more people smile. And will start this with my own family and close friends first and keep doing it to all who I can.